Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ganapathi Homa and Sneha Milan at Nele Vasudha #HelpNeleGirls

Ganapathi Homa and Sneha Milan were celebrated at Nele Vasudha on July 29th, Sunday. The auspicious occasion was also a chance for the donors and their families to meet the girls at Nele Vasudha and witness their cultural performances. Below are some of the photos of the events.

Thanks to donors Kiran B and his wife, Shriram Bhat and Rajiv Hassan for being present on the occasion. We had a great time along with Kiran KS.

Immense thanks to all the donors who have contributed towards Nele Vasudha but could not be present on the occasion. It is because of your concern and donations that the destitute girls at Nele Vasudha will see a better and bright future. Dhanyavad.


  1. Next time I am in India, I would definitely like to visit and contribute more! feels good that when people are losing basic hindu values of respecting women ( as evidenced in guwhati and mangalore and so many other instances of rape and abuse ) there is an organization that works for girl child! We should abide by what our scriptures say.. something like yatra naari pujyate..

    1. That will be great Ram Ji :-) Let us meet at Nele whenever you are here. Frankly, the event yesterday was a eye opener for us too. It showed given proper care and 'samskara' kids from any background can excel in education and cultural activities too. Dance, Vedic recitals, singing were as good as any top school kids performance.

      As you very rightly said, we need to be aware of the depleting cultural values in our society, esp. towards women and do everything to get it back on track.

      Will keep you updated about Nele activities. Thanks for the support.