Wednesday, 4 July 2012

For many children in India, streets are their homes. These children live in situations where there is no protection, supervision or direction from responsible adults. There are infinite barriers that hinder these children from having a good living. In Bangalore there are more than 80000 children picking rags and living on roadsides. Making life better for these children requires community involvement and volunteer action to promote learning, greater self-esteem, and personal achievement. Each one of us agree that every child deserves a decent living, love, affection and a chance to learn. But now suhc a yeoman thought has been put into action by an organization 'Nele' which has experimented on a novel idea of providing a shelter and nurturing the growth of the child at the same time inculcating cultural values in these children. Nele seeks to help children help themselves. Nele is a hope to these children to join the mainstream and contribute to the society and nation. Nele's vision is to ensure physical, mental and moral soundness and well-being of the homeless children.
Nele started as a project of Hindu Seva Prathishthana, a charitable trust which has been serving the society since 1980 on the principle “Less for oneself, more for society”. Late Sri Ajit Kumar, a social worker of great repute and disciple of Shri. B.K.S Iyengar and Shri.Pattabhi Jois , founded the Hindu Seva Prathishthana in 1980 and was its founder Director.
HSP works with the motto 'LOKA HITHAM MAMA  KARANEEYAM (little for self, everything else for society)'. HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Through service HSP aims to bring about a transformation in the society where people and communities will be self-reliant. The instruments of this change are Sevavratis – young men and women volunteers – many of whom dedicate their lives fully to the noble cause of serving the society in this area. Since its inception in 1980, HSP has been constantly expanding its activities, covering more people in towns and villages, and ensuring the co-operation and participation of local people so that the services are effective and benefits are long lasting. The overall work of HSP hinges upon the ideal of "SEVA HI PARAMO DHARMAH (Dedication and selfless service are our basic ideals)". Service to society is an obligatory duty. By serving one can attain fulfillment in life.  Our vision is a self-reliant society where people have a sense of service and take care of social issues locally.    

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