Thursday, 15 November 2012

Deepavali at Nele Vasudha

Few of us got together and celebrated this Deepavali with the kids of Nele Vasudha. Sweets were shared and crackers were lighted. But it was the smiles on their faces that was priceless.

Many pooled in with crackers and some with money for the same. Crackers were brought for the occasion which made this version of Deepavali special for all of us who participated as also the kids. Some photos of the event are below:

Thanks to Sujan Kar, Kiran KS & friend, Madhusudhan AN, Vijay Hegde, Vijay Manjunatheshwar, Rami Reddy,  Ananth Kamath, Alakshendra & his friend for contributing and being part of this special event. Special thanks to Guruprasad Bhat and Rajan PTT for contributing handsomely towards Nele on the occasion of Deepavali.

Friday, 3 August 2012

List of Donors for #HelpNeleGirls charity project

Following is the list of donors who have greatly contributed to the #HelpNeleGirls charity project:

July 2012:
  1. Kiran Kumar (@KiranKS) - Rs.4000
  2. Prashanth V (@pvaidyaraj) - Rs.4000
  3. Guruprasad Bhat (@guruprasadbhat) - Rs.5000 + dresses, T-shirts, bedsheets, blankets, school bags etc. 
  4. Mrs. Netravati - Rs.5000
  5. Anonymous01 - Rs.5000
  6. Rajan PTT (@Rajan_PTT) - Rs.5000
  7. C R Gupta (@GuptaCR) - Rs.1000
  8. D P Poddar (@dppoddar) - Rs.5000
  9. Ranganatha Bhat (@ranganathabhatt) - Rs.5000
  10. Anonymous02 - Rs.5001
  11. Ram Valmiki (@RamValmiki) - Rs.5004
  12. Subhash Surampudi (@sssubhash) - Rs.5000
  13. Nagesh Shetty (@shetty_nagesh) - Rs.5000
  14. Rajiv Hassan (@RajivSuresh) with Sumanth Hassan  - Rs.15000

Total donated during July 2012 - Rs.79660

August 2012:
  1. Ram Valmiki (@RamValmiki) - Rs.14788
  2. Pranab Chaturvedi (@pchaturved) - Rs.1500
  3. Guruprasad Bhat ( @guruprasadbhat) - Rs.25,000
  4. Anil Bhandari - Rs.5000
  5. Vipin Menon - Rs.5000
  6. Virendra Kumar - Rs.5000
  7. A.G.Rao - Rs.10,000
  8. Ashish - Rs.5000
  9. Ravi Kiran - Rs.20,000
  10. Lalit Agarwal - Rs.3000
  11. Rajan PT - Rs.5000
  12. Amit Tiwari - Rs.22,000
  13. Manish Doshi - Rs.20,000

Total donated during August 2012 - Rs.1,41,288

September 2012:
  1. Prajith Prabhakaran S(@PrajithPS) - Rs.5000
  2. Anil Joseph - Rs.5000
  3. Kiran B (@CAKiranb) - Rs.5,000
  4. Brijesh (@brinair) - Rs.5000

Total donated during September 2012Rs.20,000

Total donated till date - Rs.2,40,948

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Interaction with Nele Vasudha kids

Gana Homa and Sneha Milan were celebrated at Nele Vasudha on 29th July, 2012. The day was also an opportunity to meet and interact with the kids and care takers of Nele Vasudha. It was a pleasure to see the happiness on the faces of these kids who showed, through their performances in the cultural programs, as to what proper education and shelter could give to anyone whatever be their background.

In the video below Shri.Hirannaiah, care taker of Nele Vasudha, briefs us about Nele Vasudha and its activities. We also interacted with the kids in a lively exchange of pleasantries.

Below is a slideshow of the interactive session we had with the girls residing at Nele.

We wish to once again thank all the donors and well-wishers who made this possible. 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ganapathi Homa and Sneha Milan at Nele Vasudha #HelpNeleGirls

Ganapathi Homa and Sneha Milan were celebrated at Nele Vasudha on July 29th, Sunday. The auspicious occasion was also a chance for the donors and their families to meet the girls at Nele Vasudha and witness their cultural performances. Below are some of the photos of the events.

Thanks to donors Kiran B and his wife, Shriram Bhat and Rajiv Hassan for being present on the occasion. We had a great time along with Kiran KS.

Immense thanks to all the donors who have contributed towards Nele Vasudha but could not be present on the occasion. It is because of your concern and donations that the destitute girls at Nele Vasudha will see a better and bright future. Dhanyavad.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Help Nele Girls Charity Project : #HelpNeleGirls

Background: The character of a society is how it takes care of the weakest amongst it. This is something we all have to agree upon. It's not about those earning lakhs of Rupees a year, but those who are struggling for 2 square meals. It's not about those who spend Rs.2000 to 4000 in one family outing to a mall, but those who are standing in line for those 5 litres of kerosine.  It's not those who fill up Rs.1500 of petrol or diesel without a second thought, but that flower vendor who probably wouldn't make that much even after toiling for an entire month. It's not about those who sit in AC offices talking on social network about Rs.32 below poverty "line", but those who actually live in such a pathetic situation just a couple of kilo meters away. It's not about those who send kids to international schools in secure yellow buses, but those who have no idea when their kid would return after rag picking.

So yes, it is about how we, the ones who are lucky enough to indulge in social network, deal with the unfortunate bottom part of the society.

The Ones Left Over: Talking of rag pickers, do we know that in the "Silicon Valley" of Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore), for a population of over 90,00,000, there are at least 90,000 kids who essentially have no future? That's almost 1% of the city! Shocking isn't it? This is supposedly one of India's premier cities now with millions of square foot of shiny offices, 1000s of swanky AC buses, lakhs of high paying jobs, millions of private vehicles and lakhs of apartments selling each year... so... how did this happen? Who are those kids? Who takes care of them?

Unfortunately, they are the total orphans, children abandoned by migrant workers, children of single parents who have no future and so on.

The Heroes of our Society: But fortunately, beyond blaming the government authorities for this "mess", there are a few socially conscious people, who have spearheaded various NGO movements to take care of these kids. One such institution we came across recently is called NELE (which means in Kannada, A Place or a Home). They run many homes for kids who have no future otherwise, and meticulously work on upbringing those unfortunate kids, and turning them into valuable human resources for a re-emerging India!

We, a few friends from Twitter social media, visited one such home, exclusively for destitute and orphan girls last week. It is called Nele Vasundhara (Vasundhara = Mother Earth). This home, being setup afresh in a newly rented place, already has 30 girls. They range from 3rd standard to 1st year bachelor's degree students. There are 4 in 10th standard, 3 in 9th.standard and the rest spread out across classes. We we so excited to see the dedication of the people who are actually running this. Nele Vasundhara has a 5 member committee of gentlemen -> Hiriyannaiah, Pramod Jois, Badrinath, Lakshminarayana and Ganesh (Architect).
They also have a great team of seven lady volunteer committee lead by Katyayani Satish, Lakshmi Jois, Malini Bhaskar, Mrunalini Bhojaraj and three more.

What do they Do?

They take care of everything for the kids. From safety to welfare to schooling to counseling and you name it.. There are also two females inside the premise, 24 hours a day, for the most immediate needs like housekeeping and food. One must spend an afternoon with them just to understand the immense joy of community prayer, for kids who essentially had NO community concept apart from apathy, abuse and abandonment. Hats off to such incredible humans who are showing the rest of us that with perseverance, dedication and will power, even a small group of individuals can actually change the society, bit by bit.

But unfortunately, there is a limitation to what they can do, as everything boils down to money.

What is that We can  Do? The current estimate in the new premise they have taken over is that, it would cost Rs.6000 school fees per month, even after big concessions from the school management. Then the rent of 45000, plus Electricity, Water, food grains, milk, Curds, vegetables and other basic necessities easily add up to lakhs of Rupees per year. We sat down with them and our basic computation came to at least Rs. 37,000 per year, per kid as the total expense.

Now that is NOT a small amount. Yes, Bengaluru may be a moderately rich city, but even then, for volunteers who are giving their own time and money, this is a stretch.

So we questioned, why not on behalf of Twitter and Facebook friends, we join hands with them. To start, we can target to adopt just 2 young girls who could tomorrow grow up to be India's next Architect or Doctor or Leader or a Lawyer and so on. Why not? It would cost Rs.74,000 per year to adopt two little girls, like the one shown next here, who are in desperate need of nourishment, care, safety and love.

We have a large number of people on Social network.Can we pool together Rs.74,000 (Seventy Four Thousand) to start with and show that we Indians too care for our orphan/destitute young girls of the society? That is where our #HelpNeleGirls initiative has come up. Moreover this is Section 80 (G) tax exempted.

Who knows? If you look into the NELE's changed lives page, there are so many success stories already. These two girls that we adopt may join that page if we just give them a small help to rise up today!

So friends, please join us in any way you can. If monetary help is possible that is fine. If not or on top of financial help, if you are interested, you can help in other ways too. Check this out for details.

We have already started!

Our July 2012 Target: Rs.74,000.

Pledges so far: The list of pledges and donors can be accessed here: List of Donors for Nele Vasudha

Still Needed: We have achieved the target pledges of Rs.74,000 for month of July. We are indebted to all the donors who have pledged and donated towards the cause.

However, Nele efforts towards giving a bright future to the kids needs our continuous support. So please pledge and donate towards Nele. Any amount's fine. The feeling of fulfillment of helping little girls towards a promising future will go a long way!

Just pledge here with a comment or send an email to or contact the key volunteer on Twitter at @pvaidyaraj . You can also fund anonymously as the intention is to help the needy kids, who are the future of India tomorrow!

Funding Instruction:

Option A: Online Bank Transfer
Beneficiary Account Name : HSP NELE
Bank Name : State Bank of Mysore
Branch : SBM, Shankarpuram Branch
Account Type : Savings
A/C No : 54003825712
IFSC Code: SBMY0040195

For donations from outside of India, you can use the following  FCRA Account:
Beneficiary Account Name - Hindu Seva Prathishthana
Bank Name : Canara Bank
Branch : Kempegowdanagar Branch, Bangalore
Account Type : Savings Bank account
A/C No. 0789101014183
IFSC Code: CNRB0000789

Option B: Cheque Payment.

Cheques drawn in favor of : "HSP-NELE"
Mail to:
No.4, 'Mrinalini', 3rd B Main,
9th Cross, Sarakki Village, J.P.Nagar Ist Ph,
Bengaluru - 560 078

Thanks! Your interest to read till here is a great thing. We hope you have decided to be a part of this in any way you can, including spreading the message among other potential volunteers or donors.

Have a great day! Together, we can change the world, one "Nele" at a time!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

For many children in India, streets are their homes. These children live in situations where there is no protection, supervision or direction from responsible adults. There are infinite barriers that hinder these children from having a good living. In Bangalore there are more than 80000 children picking rags and living on roadsides. Making life better for these children requires community involvement and volunteer action to promote learning, greater self-esteem, and personal achievement. Each one of us agree that every child deserves a decent living, love, affection and a chance to learn. But now suhc a yeoman thought has been put into action by an organization 'Nele' which has experimented on a novel idea of providing a shelter and nurturing the growth of the child at the same time inculcating cultural values in these children. Nele seeks to help children help themselves. Nele is a hope to these children to join the mainstream and contribute to the society and nation. Nele's vision is to ensure physical, mental and moral soundness and well-being of the homeless children.
Nele started as a project of Hindu Seva Prathishthana, a charitable trust which has been serving the society since 1980 on the principle “Less for oneself, more for society”. Late Sri Ajit Kumar, a social worker of great repute and disciple of Shri. B.K.S Iyengar and Shri.Pattabhi Jois , founded the Hindu Seva Prathishthana in 1980 and was its founder Director.
HSP works with the motto 'LOKA HITHAM MAMA  KARANEEYAM (little for self, everything else for society)'. HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under-served and the people with special needs without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Through service HSP aims to bring about a transformation in the society where people and communities will be self-reliant. The instruments of this change are Sevavratis – young men and women volunteers – many of whom dedicate their lives fully to the noble cause of serving the society in this area. Since its inception in 1980, HSP has been constantly expanding its activities, covering more people in towns and villages, and ensuring the co-operation and participation of local people so that the services are effective and benefits are long lasting. The overall work of HSP hinges upon the ideal of "SEVA HI PARAMO DHARMAH (Dedication and selfless service are our basic ideals)". Service to society is an obligatory duty. By serving one can attain fulfillment in life.  Our vision is a self-reliant society where people have a sense of service and take care of social issues locally.