Thursday, 15 November 2012

Deepavali at Nele Vasudha

Few of us got together and celebrated this Deepavali with the kids of Nele Vasudha. Sweets were shared and crackers were lighted. But it was the smiles on their faces that was priceless.

Many pooled in with crackers and some with money for the same. Crackers were brought for the occasion which made this version of Deepavali special for all of us who participated as also the kids. Some photos of the event are below:

Thanks to Sujan Kar, Kiran KS & friend, Madhusudhan AN, Vijay Hegde, Vijay Manjunatheshwar, Rami Reddy,  Ananth Kamath, Alakshendra & his friend for contributing and being part of this special event. Special thanks to Guruprasad Bhat and Rajan PTT for contributing handsomely towards Nele on the occasion of Deepavali.


  1. wonderful!! great way to celebrate.

    1. True :-) Words cant describe the smiles on their faces! Best way to celebrate a festival.